TSRS organises one-day event on sustainable living

Students of The Shri Ram School, Aravali, organised a one-day event — Mad about Environment — with the theme ‘back to nature’ on the school premises on Saturday.

During the event, students of all classes displayed the work they conceptualised and put together as part of their in-class activity over the year. The projects covered an array of environment-related topics, including renewable energy, biomimicry, sustainable cities and so on.

The students also displayed innovative projects to resolve daily and as well as long-term environmental concerns. These included methods for rainwater harvesting and cleaning of river Yamuna. The event also featured stalls where students displayed futuristic transport.

“I displayed the project to clean Yamuna. A lot of research was done to understand the ways to clean the river with minimum effects on the ecosystem. I would like to propose this idea to the government as well after studying the issue in depth,” Manan, a class 9 student, said.


Mad about environment was jointly conceptualised as a day with friends and family, where there was scope for both learning and enjoyment.

Students also performed streetplays and dances.

“It was a great day here. There are so many small things that we do, which affect the environment so adversely but go unnoticed. This has been a fun learning experience,” Neha Kapoor, a parent, said.

The teachers as well as parents participated in the event with enthusiasm. They helped the students display their projects.

Manika Sharma, the director of The Shri Ram School, said, “Renewable energy, biomimicry, water management, waste management, futuristic food, transport and apparel — all of this and more were the theme of the Mad about Environment festival held at the Shri Ram School.”

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The Shri Ram School had sent a group of students to attend a debate on climate change on NDTV Dialogue

The panel consisted of Mr Piyush Goyal, Cabinet Minister for Power, Coal and Renewable Energy and Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology and Forests and Environment.

The Heads of Environment – Sanya Kochar and Vimanyu Awal, got the opportunity to ask the Minister some questions.

TSRS Students at NDTV

Annual Career Fair @ The Aravali campus on Friday, 20th November !

We’re excited to announce that our Annual Career Fair will be hosted at the Aravali campus this Friday, 20th November! With over 69 universities from both India and across the world setting up stalls to answer any and every query about admissions, courses offered etc., the fair promises to provide great value. Students and parents of grades 9-12 from both senior campuses, Aravali & Moulsari, are invited to attend the fair.




A super proud moment for the entire TSRS family

Mega News to start off the morning – our Aravali under-17 boys, under-17 girls, under-19 boys and under-19 girls teams are CHAMPIONS at the NWR Tournament held earlier this week at Ahmadabad! They all move forward to the national level championship! A super proud moment for the entire TSRS family. Huge congratulations to all the teams, coaches and support staff!

Sports team- TSRS

Save R Lungs

Air pollution is a serious problem for everyone, especially for groups like children and older people, who are even further prone to the terrifying consequences of the poisonous air that we breathe in our cities today.

The Shri Ram School has launched a campaign called Save R Lungs, that aims to not only raise awareness about the problem, but one that has taken up the challenge to make a difference. We have drafted a petition addressed to the Prime Minister of India, where we call upon the government to become more proactive in its role in addressing the problem.


Take a moment and sign this petition. Let’s help make a difference. Read full article Click Here.


The IB Diploma Programme at The Shri Ram School

CAS – Creativity, Action, Service is at the very heart of the IB Diploma Programme. It enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience, while providing opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work.

IB Diploma Programme at the Shri Ram School

To learn more about the IB Diploma Programme at our Moulsari campus, call (0124) 4784400 or visit http://ib.tsrs.org